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Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma’s staff and production team is busily getting ready for opening night of AN INSPECTOR CALLS. We’re excited to show Oklahoma this wonderful theatrical thriller. Jonathan Beck Reed, who plays Inspector Goole, was kind enough to take some behind the scenes photos for us! Take a peek into the terrific rehearsal process below.

Jonathan poses in his best “Inspector” face. Isn’t that hat and coat amazing?

One of the first rehearsals with rain! Did we mention it rains right there in the theatre? We promise the audience does not get wet. The actors, on the other hand…

Victoria Hines (Sheila Birling), Paul Mitchell (Gerald Croft) and Rachael Barry (Edna) looking ravishing in their costumes at the first dress rehearsal. Did we mention that all the costumes for this show were designed and made right here in Oklahoma? They also hold up to rain six shows a week!

A close up of part of the set for AN INSPECTOR CALLS. The rooftops represent the other nice homes in Brumley.

Christa, our wig crew for this show, gently pins in a hat on Rachael Barry (Edna). Because each wig is delicate, we have a wig assistant to help our actors get in and out of them nightly.

After every rehearsal, the actors are given notes by their director- in this case, Michael Baron. Obviously they are very intent on what he has to say about that evening’s rehearsal!

A preview of one of the first moments of the show. Doesn’t the lighting and set look amazing?

Want to see more? Join us for the show!