Musical Interactive is a unique touring performance program featuring an original script with select traditional songs that are appropriate for the subject of the production and are recognizable to students.

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A traveling troupe of actors entertains and educates groups of students about historical facts and figures that surround a historical event or time period.

Participation by the students is what makes Lyric Theatre’s Musical Interactive program distinctive.

Instead of presenting a show where the actors are the entertainers and the students are the audience, Musical Interactive succeeds in creating a program of which the children feel they are a part. They interact with the students by teaching them dance steps, involving them in part of the storyline, conducting a sing-along and much more. A take-home study guide is also distributed to teachers and students. It includes a more in-depth history lesson along with puzzles, activities and class discussion topics. The program is free of charge to interested Oklahoma schools and is geared towards all grades.

Musical Interactive began traveling to Oklahoma schools in 2007 as a part of Oklahoma’s Centennial celebration.  Lyric obtained special grants and in-kind support to tour a modified version of the musical Oklahoma! to schools across the state.  The reaction to Oklahoma! Interactive was astounding.  By the end of 2007, Lyric had traveled to over 130 different schools across 45 counties in Oklahoma and presented the program to more than 60,000 students. Intended to be a one-semester program, Lyric quickly realized there was a need in the community for such a program to be permanent after receiving an overwhelming response from teachers and students, as well as compiling a wait list of over 50 schools that could not be served within that year.

In seeking long-term funding for the program, Lyric is excited to have forged a partnership with Devon Energy.

Having generously supported Musical Interactive since its inception, Devon has continued to provide annual funding for the program.

Lyric at the Civic Center

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June 25 – June 30

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