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Musical Interactive began traveling to Oklahoma schools in 2007 as part of Oklahoma’s Centennial celebration. Lyric obtained special grants and in-kind support to tour a modified version of the musical Oklahoma! to schools across the state. The reaction to Oklahoma! Interactive was astounding. By the end of 2007, Lyric had traveled to over 130 different schools across 45 counties in Oklahoma and presented the program to more than 60,000 students.

Intended to be a one-semester program, Lyric quickly realized there was a need in the community for such a program to be permanent after receiving an overwhelming response from teachers and students, as well as compiling a wait list of over 50 schools that could not be served within that year. In seeking long-term funding for the program, Lyric is excited to have forged a partnership with Devon Energy. Having generously supported Musical Interactive since its inception, Devon has continued to provide annual funding for the program.

During the 2022-23 school year we grew leaps and bounds thanks to our title sponsors Dr. Elliott R. Schwartz & Pam Shanklin. We are happy to report that we visited 63 of our 77 counties, over 280 schools and performed for over 125,000 students statewide!

This special touring program is offered FREE OF CHARGE to interested schools and is underwritten by Devon Energy Corporation. Additional funding is provided by: Caroline Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation, Dr. Elliott Schwartz and Ms. Pam Shanklin, The McGee Foundation, Allied Arts, Kirkpatrick Foundation, Oklahoma Arts Council, Shubert Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Inasmuch Foundation, Wilshire Charitable Foundation, Globe Life and Sonic, America’s Drive-In.


Click here to see more of what Lyric’s Musical Interactive is all about!


For the 2023-2024 school year…

LYRIC THEATRE OF OKLAHOMA IS PROUD TO PRESENT two fantastic shows for you to choose from!

Lyric Theatre’s Cinderella Interactive – A Literary Tale is ready to travel to schools around the state of Oklahoma during the school year! This beautiful program offers an original take on a familiar story that is appropriate for all ages. Students will visit with favorite characters: the gracious Cinderella, the charming Prince, and the evil Stepsisters. Through the music and dialogue of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the performance will teach and review key literary curricula from story structure basics, to more complex concepts such as figurative language and theme.


Enjoy the songs, costumes, actors, and the entertainment of Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma’s OKLAHOMA! Interactive tour for 2023-24. Curly, Laurey, Ado Annie, Will Parker, and Aunt Eller take the audience through a ‘best of’ journey of the musical Oklahoma, as well as educating about the origins of the state of Oklahoma and the art of Musical Theatre.


Lyric’s Musical Interactive programs is a presentation that entertains and educates. The Interactive troupe will be traveling from September 2023 through May 2024. We offer performances during school hours, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The show runs approximately 45 minutes and includes a “Q & A” session with the students at the end. In addition to the performance, students will receive a colorful guide filled with fun facts, puzzles and information. The program is FREE OF CHARGE to interested Oklahoma schools and is geared towards Elementary/Middle School Students.


Scheduling Tips:

  •  Please view this as an “entire school” event. The more students we serve, the more funding we receive to continue this free program across the state.
  •  For schools requesting two shows, please request both time slots before lunch or after lunch. Split days may delay the scheduling process.
  •  No distance is too great for Musical Interactive to travel thanks to the generous support of our sponsors!



Please contact us with any questions you may have on Lyric’s Musical Interactive program at: [email protected]

***We will also have “Homeschool Day” at Lyric’s Plaza Theatre on September 5th. We will perform OKLAHOMA! Interactive at 9:00am and CINDERELLA Interactive at 11:00am. If you are interested, please email us the following information: Name of Homeschool, Contact Name, Contact Phone #, Contact Email, How many will be attending (# of students, # of adults) to: [email protected].

“My dream is that by providing this opportunity for YOU to enjoy Lyric Theatre’s OKLAHOMA! Musical Interactive, is that you will learn not only about our state and its history, but also enjoy the experience of live theatre.
Theatre opened up a whole new world for me as I was growing up. It made me think about things. It made me wonder about things. It taught me about life, to hope and to dream, it helped me understand that the world around us is filled with many different places, people and experiences, all waiting to be explored.

My hope for YOU is that YOU too will HOPE, that YOU will DREAM, that YOU will LEARN and I know YOU will then SUCCEED. I BELIEVE in YOU! ENJOY the show!”

– Dr. Elliott R. Schwartz and Pam Shanklin
Musical Interactive Sponsors


During the 2021-22 school year, Lyric’s Musical Interactive program featured Lyric’s Kids Clubhouse with Professor Matt and Gerti. Click the link below to listen to music from their performances!

Check out the music from the show HERE!


Spring 2007 – Oklahoma! Interactive
2007/2008 – Oklahoma! Interactive
2008/2009 – Wild West Interactive
2009/2010 -1776 Interactive
2010/2011 – Independence Interactive
2011/2012 – Oklahoma! Interactive
2012/2013 – Will Rogers Interactive
2013/2014 –  Wild West Interactive & Shakespeare Sings
2014/2015 – Shakespeare Sings & Oklahoma! Interactive
2015/2016 –  The Sound of Music Interactive
2016/2017 – 1776 Interactive
2017/2018 – Call Me Madam Interactive –  The Incredible Musical Adventure of Oklahoma’s First Female Ambassador, Perle Mesta!
2018/2019 – Oklahoma! Interactive
2019/2020 – Cinderella Interactive – A Literary Tale – Cut short due to the Pandemic only did first semester
2020/2021 – Kid’s Clubhouse Online
2021/2022 –  Kid’s Clubhouse Live
2022/2023 – Oklahoma! Interactive
2023/2024 – Cinderella – A Literary Tale & Oklahoma! Interactive

Lyric at the Civic Center

The Sound of Music

June 27, 2023 – July 2, 2023