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10 reasons why Lyric’s MANN… AND WIFE is the perfect date for Valentine’s weekend

1. Chances are, your relationship is going better than Henry’s.

What better validation of your relationship than watching a single guy’s desperate search for “the one?”


2. For once, it’s a musical about a male searching for love.

Henry is a typical 32-year-old single New Yorker. He’s confident and determined to find “the one.” Every man (and woman for that matter) will relate to at least one of Henry’s attempts at love.


3. It’s brand new.

MANN… AND WIFE is a world premiere, meaning this is the first full production the musical has ever had. You’ll be able to brag to all of your friends that you were one of the first to see this new musical comedy. Here’s a look at one of the songs, performed at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre New Works Festival last fall.


4. Jay Gatsby

It may not be in the way you expect, but there is guaranteed to be a sighting of Daisy and Jay among the many characters you’ll see throughout this hilarious production.



5. Perfect pre- or post- show dining options.

Lyric’s Plaza Theatre is located right in the heart of the Plaza District. Whether you’re dressed to impress, or want a casual bite to eat, the Plaza District has plenty of wining, dining, and dessert options within walking distance of our theatre. Visit for a full list of restaurants nearby.

6. It takes a village.

We all know there’s some behind the scenes work that goes into a relationship. In MANN… AND WIFE, Henry isn’t searching alone. He has the help of his mom, his best friend Glenn, and a few others who stop in along the way. You’ll appreciate the subtle hints from your friends or the signs of fate that got you and your significant other where you are today.



7. The entire cast will blow you away. All 3 of them.

Zachary Prince, Liz Shivener, and Mateja Govich are an all-star cast with Broadway-sized credentials. Zachary Prince plays the role of Henry Mann, Mateja Govich plays Glenn and others, and Liz Shivener takes on all of the female roles. You don’t want to miss the chance to see these incredible artists perform live.



8. It’s called Mann… and Wife.

What better way to celebrate love than with a musical about marriage? We guarantee there’s a man (or Mann) and there also might be a wife. You’ll have to see it to find out!



9. You can support the arts.

Spend the day with your loved one supporting the creative work of the incredible artists involved in MANN… AND WIFE. The creative team is made up of professionals from all over, including Oklahoma and New York City. You’ll be amazed at the sets, costumes, lights, and more created for this production!



10. You’ll leave smiling from ear to ear.

This show definitely isn’t a downer. It’s funny, heartfelt, witty and real. We’ve all experienced a little of what Henry is going through. You and your date are sure to find a lot to love about this new musical, so buy your tickets today and treat your date to an evening (or afternoon) of romantic comedy.

Performances are Wednesday-Sunday, February 3rd-21st. Get tickets today!